2018 Arafura Calisthenics Club Annual General Meeting to be held on 28 March 2018 at the Malak Community Hall at 6pm.
Committee positions, roles and the Constitution can be found on the Forms and Policies page.
Our club needs your support to continue as it is run entirely by volunteers. Be part of something great!

Welcome to Arafura Calisthenics Club!

Calisthenics is a uniquely Australian sport with clubs all over the country overseen by the Australian Calisthenics Federation. Calisthenics combines the finest points of sport and art.  As a sport it encourages physical development and co‑ordination, self-discipline and team spirit.  As an art, it develops an appreciation of music rhythm, the beauty of line and balance and the excitement of stage presentation.  While the sport is spectacular to watch, it offers more to its participants.  From an early age, children develop a high self-esteem, physical fitness and confidence.

Calisthenics disciplines comprise of dance, ballet, exercise, march, song, clubs and rods.

Arafura Calisthenics Club is situated in the Northern suburbs of Darwin in the Northern Territory and is a committee run club focused on developing calisthenics skills in a fun class environment. All classes are conducted by Level 1 accredited coaches.

Sports Vouchers Accepted.

For more information on the sport of Calisthenics hit the Australian Calisthenics Federation website.